The Edge of the Universe, Quantum Existence and Fate

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The title of this Medium post is probably more meaty than the post will be. It probably carries more weight than the things I’m going to write about here shortly, but what is the meaning of things? What does the nomenclature matter if the intent is of the message is met? Here we are just a few sentences in, and I’ve already gone on a tangent. That’s how life is. One minute, you’re trying to save the world, and the next, you’re just trying to take a nap.

I would say most of our existence is spent pondering about our existence. It’s human nature. We just have to know why we’re here. We know our time in this life is finite and often wonder if we’re spending it the way were meant to. We also wonder if we were meant to spend our time here a specific way. It’s hard for us to reconcile our limited view of space and time with the metaphysical things we feel like intuition, love and empathy.

The Edge of the Universe

The universe is expanding rapidly every waking moment. From our galactic home on Earth in the Milky Way, it’d take 225,000,000,000,000 (that’s 225 trillion my friends) years to reach the edge of the universe. That’s a really long time but that’s not why we’re here. In the universe that you and I exist in, we live in a universe where the edge is already 225 trillion years into the future. Somewhere in this universe you’ve already made ever decision you’ve ever made. You’ve lived. You’ve died. That is the edge of the universe.

Quantum Existence

On the question of esoteric things like intuition and the metaphysical, consider that somewhere in the universe it is already 225 trillion years in the future. The life you live now is complete. The lives of your children, grandchildren and future generations have all seen their first and last sunsets. Who knows, the Earth may not even be here at the edge of the universe, but this is the universe you exist in. It is an existence where you make new choices everyday, but at the edge of the universe you’ve made every choice you’ll ever make.


What does that mean for the question of destiny? What does that mean for concept of free will? What does that mean for fate? Eastern philosophy would probably encourage a thought like, “It’s not up to use to know”. It’s most certainly not, but I’d like to close with a few things I take away from this notion.

  • Every choice you make is the choice
  • Deja Vu may indicate our minds’ inability to reconcile a quantum existence. The traces of our future decisions may manifest almost like or memories that haven’t happened yet.
  • Free will is real. You have the power to choose. Whatever you choose is in line with a grand design.
  • You don’t need external validation. Intuition as internal validation is strong enough.

What do you think?

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