Service design transformation is not a quick hit. It is also not the long, drawn-out boogey man that people use to make excuses for not going through a service redesign. The prospect of actually talking to people about your service offerings, hearing all the bad things they have to say and being vulnerable can be both daunting and dubious, but there is no glory without pain.

There is also no transformation achieved without the people inside the organization separating their ego from the experiences in question. As people take ownership for services, processes and products, in many ways — they…

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“I could open Park today, and it would be at capacity. Every day, people call me asking when I’m going to open back up.” That’s what Marc Barnes, owner of the Park at Fourteenth, had to say about the current climate of the nightlife economy in the midst of the Greater Washington DC area’s social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 16th, DC Government closed restaurants and bars like Park at Fourteenth in an effort to curb the coronavirus spread, and even then, socialites wanted nothing other than to pour up and party. “On the day the city…

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It was 2008 or so. I was in college. One of my younger friends on campus didn’t have a car and wanted to go to a party in Norfolk, VA. We lived and studied in Hampton, VA at the time which was about a 20 minute drive away. She asked if I could give her and a friend a lift. I obliged.

We got down to the Granby Street area where all of the bars and clubs were a little after 10 PM. I had no intent to go with them. I just wanted to drop them off and get…

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The title of this Medium post is probably more meaty than the post will be. It probably carries more weight than the things I’m going to write about here shortly, but what is the meaning of things? What does the nomenclature matter if the intent is of the message is met? Here we are just a few sentences in, and I’ve already gone on a tangent. That’s how life is. One minute, you’re trying to save the world, and the next, you’re just trying to take a nap.

I would say most of our existence is spent pondering about our…

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A few nights ago, Lebron James passed Michael Jordan on the all-time NBA scoring list. He accomplished this great achievement to little celebration or applause from an uninterested Lakers Staples Center audience.

In comparison, when Kobe achieved this accomplishment, the game stopped, but that’s not why we’re here. There is, however, something to take away from this convoluted moment in sports history. One would expect the game to stop as Lebron receives a standing ovation for passing his idol in this moment but could also anticipate folks staying seated in silence. …

I probably spend too much time using social media. Many of us do. I’m not saying that to justify my overuse. It’s just a fact. Sometimes, it’s a completely empty experience. I’m scrolling and scrolling. I’m watching IQ-erasing videos. I’m liking posts that I don’t agree with.

Sometimes, though, I come across something truly spectacular, like this clip of Will Smith talking about one time when Jada cussed at him in front of his son(Starts @ 13:07).

If you don’t have time to watch, I’ll summarize:

She cussed. He bonged her with a newspaper. They took their debate into another…

2010 was a daunting time to graduate from college. Jobs were scarce. Pay was low, and the economy was crawling back from a volatile recession.

I graduated from Hampton University in Spring of 2010 with a degree in broadcast journalism and no job prospects. I’d interned in production and reporting at a number of small market broadcast affiliates but was not enthused about the grit of entry-level broadcast career life. The situation was dubious at best. …

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America’s workforce is getting older and is on pace to be the oldest it’s ever been. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 24% of America’s workforce will be over the age of 50 by 2024. That’s up from only 11% as recent as 1993. America’s workforce is predicted to grow to 164 million by 2024, and 41 million of those workers will be 55 or older.

As older workers begin to dominate the marketplace, younger workers are looking to higher education and training as a way to differentiate themselves from their older, more experienced colleagues…

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Mark Zuckerburg’s recent testimonies to House and Senate committees were grueling. It was hard to watch this crude soup of corporate omission, generational clashing and partisan politics play out on internet television via Twitter. Embattled with accusations of corporate data irresponsibility, Zuckerberg tried his best to ensure Congress that Facebook would make the changes necessary to combat alleged unethical profiling by former data partner, Cambridge Analytica, on behalf of the Trump campaign. As much as Zuckerberg would like to take responsibility for this alleged misuse of information, he can’t. …


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